A Cadillac Don't Come Easy
diamond in the back, sunroof top

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adidas Originals relaunch their ZX Flux customization programme allowing sneaker heads to apply any high-res photo to the shoe via an app. The possibilities are infinite as shown here by Highsnobiety’s ‘raindrops on airplane window’ collaboration with photographer Peter Williams.

whos going to be the dweeb that makes a pair with a hentai print

Nike, do this with the presto and I will order thousands. 
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1978 Survival Guide to New York City
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A Bronco and boards
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Arc’teryx Veilance - Fall / Winter 2014

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization.

Once again, the unsubtle British comedian provides a searingly funny and (sadly) more accurate analysis of recent events than anyone else in the mainstream media.

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"lets make the box logos lowkey to piss off the fuccbois"
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