A Cadillac Don't Come Easy
diamond in the back, sunroof top

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they were standing on the bridge for a long time,looking at the river - mother with a baby and a son.she hold a belt and it was buckled to his bear backpack.water shivering and clear, not deep enough to hide everyfish that swims by and every little pebble. 
it is already summer in kyoto
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thesoloist hat / n(n) coat / n(n) wrap skirt / linen shirt & patchwork pants by me / ann d derbies
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Dieter Rams, Braun Regie 308, control unit, 1973. Source
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Uniform Experiment x Sophnet
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Bill Evans
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Zines & lookbooks inside comic book sleeves with backboards.
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Straight from our second Cooks and Chefs issue (and nominated in the James Beard Awards’ Humor category), hilarious LP columnist Lisa Hanawalt tags along with Wylie Dufresne at his Lower East side restaurant wd~50 and documents her experience in illustrated form in a piece called, “On the Trail with Wylie.” 

This is part of a series that we are running on Medium showcasing the seven pieces from Lucky Peach that were nominated for James Beard Books, Broadcast, and Journalism Awards this year. 
Illustration by Lisa Hanawalt